TrafficV2 - IP/ethernet traffic generator

"TrafficV2" is free ethernet/ip traffic generator with GUI.

Typical configuration is to have at least 2 servers which run actual traffic and collect results and 1 or more client machines from which the servers are controlled and the results are displayed.

typical connection

Using this tool is very simple, once you understand basic concept: This project started at Iskratel a few years ago as a set of independant "C" programs for testing ADSL access boards and modems. As number of ports under test increased, the tool evolved to python based client/server application with GUI. Over the time, numerous improvements have been made for speed and stability.

This tool is in use today at Iskratel's testing lab as a supplement to the hardware based ethernet testers (like IXIA or SPIRENT). Software based tool on a PC will probably never give you wire speed on multiple streams, but it is cost effective alternative if you need decent traffic flows on a lot of ethernet ports at the same time. This tool could be easily integrated into bigger automated testing environment or extended/modifyed in any way.



Screenshot: the servers

Screenshot: UDP receivers

Screenshot: UDP transmiters


This depends on hardware, of course.


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